Learn Online or In-Person

Just imagine…

Month after month, you free yourself of pain, health problems and blockages. You start feeling and functioning better. Things that once stressed you now seem to fade away. Imagine, what would it be like to have the wisdom of many years ahead but the vitality of many years back?

…You sleep deeper and feel more refreshed. You begin to move more easily, and emerge with newfound confidence.

People start commenting that you look great.

Your improved energy even starts attracting positive results and opportunities into your life!

Your time is precious. Don’t waste it on low-level classes – or worse – your own procrastination.

Now you can choose:

1) A tai chi program that fits your level of commitment and schedule.
2) A proven system of wellness that fits your healthcare budget.

All this, while others are stuck just learning tai chi’s mechanical movements and applications – often leaving them with more injury and confused energy than when they started. Too many begin in a tai chi program that’s not professionally managed and get only a few basic health benefits. Then the class ends, and all your momentum goes to waste. Or worse yet – everyone starts back at the beginning again when newcomers arrive – just as you were starting to make some progress, and now all that hard-earned progress of yours is lost.

— STOP. —

Get serious about yourself and take action now.

As the clock is ticking away on you, you could instead be transforming your wellness and your life. People just like you are waking up to transforming the quality of their life with our tai chi programs. We have files overflowing with such testimonials, and here is just little sample of them.

What healing and creative potential deep within you is waiting to be unlocked?

We could go on and on about the benefits of our programs, but here is the BIG list of all the tai chi instruction AND bonuses you’ll get.

Our programs are so densely packed with immediately useful tai chi methods of healing and self-development at an incredible value.

If you feel like it, you can go online and research for yourself. See what online teachers charge – like the plethora of internet gurus; what universities charge for distance learning, and what “special knowledge” experts charge. You’ll immediately notice that the list of services we offer you in the specialized knowledge of tai chi training is FAR more generous.

Online data shows that training, education and specialized fitness membership sites charge, for the following, an average of:

  • Exclusive Membership Forum and videos: $25-137/mo
  • Monthly live, hands-on workshops: $99-199 each
  • Video Coaching Session (most only offer it over the phone): $37-$250 per session
  • Training Books (like our tai chi forms ebooks): $19-59 average for each
  • Email Consultation: $50-$100/hour
  • School T-Shirts: $15-25 each
  • Sash Promotions – for example, martial arts schools charge from $50-$150 each on average
  • Extra topics (like our qigong, acupressure, Daoyin, etc)- you’d normally pay for separate training $20-$150 per session.

For “Online Only,” most membership sites offering similar products and services to what we give you, monthly averages are:
$57 on the lower end up to $189 on the upper end.

But we make it possible for you for only $7/month with our Silver Level Tai Chi Membership. (Everyone on the planet can afford that!). Click here to join.

And we provide you with MORE – such as discount to a tai chi convention called “Tai Chi Gala,” as well as messages and tips each week, SPECIFIC to tai chi training.

Hybrid Training is our proprietary breakthrough method of helping you practice tai chi. It’s provided part online and part in-person. It’s very difficult to find hybrid training in anything. Either you are left to only choose between “online only” or locally situated “in-class only” training. But what if YOUR needs are different? What if you live far away? What if you have a hectic schedule? But what if you still want opportunities for hands-on experience and visual detail to help you learn better?

Most experts never offer hybrid training because it requires a lot more labor and risk to set up. Colleges that offer hybrid distance education charge THOUSANDS of dollars for this. (And their books, software, etc. cost extra!).

But we are willing to go out on a limb and provide you a phenomenal, all-inclusive hybrid tai chi experience through our Gold Level Tai Chi Membership. You’ll get everything from our online program and so much more, including free monthly daylong workshops that you can travel to in order to get many weeks’ worth of hands-on training in one day.

When you see the chart at the bottom, of the page, you’ll be stunned at how much we offer.

From the above internet data, you’ll see that normally you’d pay a monthly tuition of: $233 – $997 for something like this. But we only charge $77/month. Yes, it covers the entire MONTH.
And unlike health clubs or colleges, we confidently guarantee that you will be completely satisfied or we’ll immediately cancel your membership for you and you can even keep everything you’ve gotten. All the risk is on us.
As you think about ordering, you suddenly realize that you have nothing to lose with our guarantee.

Click here to join.

Yes – all our programs are guaranteed. We guarantee we will deliver our goods and services as promised. However, we do not guarantee your individual results because it is up to YOU to apply the methods. After all, you can’t buy a hammer and return it when you don’t use it, saying, “It doesn’t work.” (Of course it works). We’re here to help you stay motivated and committed to your self-improvement.

Weekly In-Person Tai Chi Classes at Our Location

If you’re around the northern NJ area and love in-depth experiences, you may be eligible for the highest level of membership in our school.
Our Diamond Plus Membership offers you ALL that the hybrid and online programs offer, with far more personalized and hands-on attention in weekly classes, more topics, more products, more services… Just for $139/month. Yes, the ENTIRE month. Everything included.

We offer so much more than any standard martial arts school, yoga studio or meditation center. What a master-level personal trainer would charge you for one hour, we provide you for a month. Look at the chart below and see ALL that you will get with us (yes, it’s a shockingly long list!).

As it is, there are VERY FEW tai chi -only SCHOOLS in the entire country. Yes, there are plenty of community style, adult-ed and hobby-style non-professionally managed tai chi classes and programs out there. They can’t hold a candle to a traditional full-fledged tai chi school. And you won’t find a tai chi school with an atmosphere and offerings as rare as at Internal Gardens.

This is because we only let a few select people into our physical tai chi (NJ) school. Good attitude, character and intent are everything in our school, and if someone doesn’t have the right fit, we cannot accept them.

Our interest is not in getting as many customers as possible. Our interest is in teaching high-quality tai chi chuan to people of high-quality character.  Yes, this means that we will sometimes turn away business. If someone isn’t the right fit, we must turn them away or we eventually lose our ability to attract those who are the right fit.

So please understand that you need to contact us first and make an appointment to visit our school. We suggest you click on [How to Join Our School] at our tai chi NJ website: http://www.NJTaiChiClasses.com. The students and instructors are very kind, accepting, dedicated, motivated and ethical people. They want to make sure that you are too. This has kept our school easy-going, fun and respectful. It is a safe and peaceful place. Folks comment that the unique positive group energy here accelerates everyone’s internal development and skills. If you are a fit for this level of membership, giving you access to our live weekly classes, you could then sample our traditional program for three months, or join for a year.

Everyone able is encouraged to visit us and apply. The age range in our school is 20’s to 70’s. Some Internal Gardens students come from sedentary backgrounds and with serious health issues, and others are former black-belt martial artists or athletes. We have about 60% men and 40% women as members of our school.

We also offer private lessons on a very limited basis. Please contact us if you’d like this service.