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Learn tai chi correctly and you heal your knees. Do it wrong and damage them more. Protect your knees with these very important, but easy, tips.

Tai Chi How To: Knee Exercise to Quickly Release Knee Pain and Stiffness

Tai chi exercise is powerful way to gently release knee stiffness, knee pain and injury.  But as teaching was passed on in the Chinese healing arts & martial arts, many tai chi and qigong exercises got misunderstood or lost important details.  One misconception is that you need to “loosen the knees.” Bookmark on Delicious Digg…

How to Do a Tai Chi Twine Step – Too Many Get This Wrong. Do it right and get health & martial benefits.

Are you sure you’re doing your tai chi moves as best as possible?  Proper twine steps will load a tremendous amount of energy into your kua.  You can use that energy for effortless and speedy change of direction, invigorating and powerful tai chi kicks, or just absorb it into your body to enhance your qi….

Avoid This Tai Chi Warmup Exercise To Loosen Your Knees!

There is a tai chi, qigong and daoyin exercise that people often teach and do to “warm up” or “loosen” the knees.  And it is the absolute worst thing you can do to your knees.  It will “loosen” them alright – to the point that you may need surgery in a few years.  WHY this…

“Kua Turning” – Protect & Heal Your Knees in Tai Chi, While Strengthening Your Tai Chi Moves

Your tai chi moves are only as good as you can direct your internal energy (qi) and vector the energy of gravity.  The secret to healing and protecting your knees (which also empowers the martial applications of tai chi) requires that you learn to move from your kua. “Kua” refers to Bookmark on Delicious Digg…

How to Properly Do a Twist Step, Like in Yang Tai Chi Brush Knee Twist Step – No More Hurt Knees!

Too many people hurt their knees in tai chi. I never could understand this, as I took up tai chi to CURE a knee injury! One day I finally understood why people were getting hurt. The culprit was improper execution of “twist steps.” When you twist-step, you need to make sure about a few things….