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How-To Tai Chi – Move from the Waist. But most don’t understand what this means!

Classic writings on tai chi tell us to relax and move from the waist. But most people don’t interpret “the waist” properly from the Chinese. This will mess up your tai chi! The tai chi waist, or “yao” refers to a very large area of the body – the lower transverse section of the abdomen….

The Most Educated Medical Doctors and Physicians Recommend Tai Chi – See What Harvard Univ. Says About It

Harvard University Medical School is among the most prestigious.  Their doctors recommend tai chi.  Does yours?  See what Harvard Univ. professors and doctors had to say about tai chi exercises in this video clip.  Source quoted on Internal Gardens Tai Chi NJ and online tai chi website. If Harvard’s physicians think this may be the…

“How to” Tai Chi or Qigong Clearing – The Overlooked Physical and Metaphysical Aspects

Tai chi exercises or qigong are often concluded with a “clearing” move by many masters.  Most people think of it as a way of calming down and sealing the energy.  Also, it gives a sense of closure. But there is SO much more you can get out of a clearing if you know the little…