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Looking for a better way?

“Now You Can Transform Yourself with the Most Potent Tai Chi Sessions Available Today.”

  • Looking for a time-tested, natural solution to your health issues?
  • Do you feel as peaceful and balanced as you’d like to be?
  • Is daily stress affecting your work and personal life?
  • What about your inner strength: Would you like to cultivate an indomitable spirit?

Then this complete, worldwide offered course can help you achieve those goals. Yes.

Read on …

And find out how not all tai chi is the same. Learn how Internal Gardens’ rare, classically based tai chi sessions will help you improve all aspects of your life – and how our FREE offering today will help you get started.

The ancient Chinese considered your life as a physical and spiritual garden…

When it’s blossoming with joy and serenity, your life energy flourishes. But when stress and pain keep creeping in like weeds, they choke your life energy that the Chinese call qi. Don’t allow the weeds of life to destroy your internal garden.


  • Rejuvenate your body
  • Cultivate your mental powers
  • And finally, achieve the inner balance you’re supposed to have, through the enlightened practice of tai chi chuan.

Once a secret of the ancient Chinese, now you too can have it through the special programs available from Internal Gardens Tai Chi School.

Discover how to tap directly into your special inner energy to strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

With Internal Gardens’ specialized way of teaching you tai chi, you’ll learn how you can strengthen and heal all aspects of your life with the same techniques used for thousands of years by the Grandmasters. Best of all, you’ll have the unique opportunity to learn tai chi from a Shifu directly apprenticed by a world-renowned Chinese Grandmaster for over 8 solid years.

Meet Shifu Loretta Wollering – your dedicated, master-level tai chi chuan teacher…

She doesn’t teach tai chi “on the side” like the majority of today’s tai chi instructors.

You wouldn’t go to a “part-time” cardiologist for heart surgery, would you?

Neither would we (yikes!). So when working on something as important as your health or qi energy, don’t gamble your wellness and development on a diluted tai chi program.

Head of Internal Gardens Tai Chi School – Shifu Wollering – teaches it professionally full time. She has been doing tai chi for over 20 years. From the profound healing aspects to the martial arts aspects of tai chi, she has experience in all of it. So whether you are just getting out of a wheelchair or if you are a trained athlete, Shifu Wollering has experience in teaching people just like you.

TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW of the opportunity to learn from an expert of a traditional Chinese tai chi lineage who can offer you that rare combination of: high quality instructional service, patience and positive encouragement.

Through Internal Gardens Tai Chi, you will:

  • Practice only the most effective forms of authentic tai chi.
  • Experience 2-10X the potency of a “typical” tai chi class.
  • Learn how to affect your qi. Qi is the same “mysterious” life energy that acupuncture balances. You can learn how to develop your qi by yourself!
  • Attain peace and happiness in a stress-filled world.
  • Feel good about yourself while healing pains in your body, mind and spirit– even ones that have been there a long time.
  • Avoid wasting your precious time and money on the dime-a-dozen “watered down” community tai chi programs that never delve deep enough. While they may offer some introductory tai chi benefits, they are short-lived because the training is not from professional and traditional tai chi school. That means you spend the same amount of time getting LESS benefits than if you went with a traditional, organized, professional school of tai chi, like Internal Gardens. Your time is precious. Your health is precious. Only entrust them to professional care.

Start cultivating your internal garden anywhere, anytime you want, with online and “hybrid” classes.

Shifu Loretta Wollering wants to help you reach your full potential. In the past, this would be hard — the local classes at Internal Gardens Tai Chi School frequently top out at full capacity (and may be located far away from your home!).

But now you can take the Internal Gardens’ classes in portable online and never-offered-before “hybrid” (part online and part in-person) forms. Experience depth with each warming and enlightening session. Your cultivation will emerge at a pace that works for your schedule.

Get started right now with your 20-minute Internal Gardens “Video Visit” — Absolutely FREE.

Begin the journey of tai chi chuan. It’s a foolproof way of self-improvement and self-development that has withstood the test of HUNDREDS of years in China. In the free informational video, you’ll hear how this ancient art created amazing changes in the lives of modern-day people.

Meet with a few Internal Gardens’ tai chi students and instructors.

Folks just like you. Hear their remarkable stories for yourself:

Meet a professional musician who once was the bassist for a famous rock band. He went from being so sick that he always had to sit down in tai chi class to now being healthier than ever – so much that he even became an assistant instructor at Internal Gardens! He lost weight and gained back decades of vitality. You’d never guess he’s in his 60’s…

Hear from another assistant instructor who used tai chi to heal serious back and shoulder injuries from years of manual labor. Whereas he once was in constant pain and knew nothing about tai chi, now he can even play martial arts with his son and other martial artists! In his own words, learning tai chi at Internal Gardens gave him hope again.

Then, listen to a touching and uplifting story from a certified public accountant. She lost her entire leg in a devastating accident. She used to be in a wheelchair. But Internal Gardens’ special tai chi methodology empowered her to walk pain-free on her own. In fact, now she can even jump and kick. Can you believe it? And no, she’s not “young” and never was an athlete.

What’s your story? What will be the next chapter in your life’s story?

Like one of our video guests advises: “You’ll never know unless you try.”

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